Dramatic Readings

•Due Wednesday 19 February 

•Email link (not video itself) to me at qbailey@sdsu.edu by midnight.

•5% of final grade•It should be between 60 – 75 seconds, includingany titles. It can be drawn from any literary work. 

•The video should show you (and a colleague, if approved) presenting the material (no extended voice overs) and should be shot from the position of the spectators. There is no set space for the performance; it can be indoor or outside. 

•Think about your strengths as a performer. How are you going to create the Wow Factor? Will it be on the strength of your delivery? the performance you give? the costume you select? the props you either use or artfully display? the level of preparation you put int? or some combination of all of these? 

•Get feedback from friends and colleagues in this class and elsewhere. It’s always good to hear what other people have to say about a piece of writing or a performance of some kind. 

•Have some fun with it! Performances of this kind were used to entertain friends and family. Your objective is to engage and entertain. 

Grading Criteria:

10 points each: 


2.Costume and appearance


4.Preparation and production

5.Wow factor

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